Forestry Services for Forestry and Oilfield Companies

worker planting willow

Have a project that could benefit from the knowledge of an experienced forester?

Well look no further. Our foresters–Scott and Mike–have over three decades of silviculture and reforestation experience between them. Together they've been directly responsible for the preparation of more than 50,000 hectares of land to receive more than 100 million seedlings.

We provide silviculture and forestry services to many of Alberta's top forestry, oilfield, and environmental consulting companies. Whether you've got a small one-time project or want to establish a close ongoing relationship, we'd love to show you all the ways we can apply our expertise to help you be more successful and profitable. Give us a call at 1 866 873-3846.

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Scott Formaniuk inspecting a tree


  • reforestation prescriptions
  • site preparation
  • species selection
  • planting planning
  • buy reclamation trees
  • vegetation management
  • aerial herbicide
  • surveys
    • aerial reconnaissance surveys
    • aerial vegetation competition assessments


  • establishment surveys
  • performance surveys
  • permanent sample plots
  • genetic trials


  • ecosite classification
  • environmental assessments
  • watercourse classification
  • soil classification