Reclamation Certificate Applications (RCA)

We can help you get a reclamation certificate. We can address all aspects of your reclamation certificate application (RCA) process outlined in the 2010 Reclamation Criteria for Wellsites and Associated Facilities.

Tree Time Services offers a "turn key" approach to the reclamation certificate application process by conducting all the necessary steps required for your company to obtain a reclamation certificate for your site.

The steps to get a reclamation certificate include:

  • schedule 1 - attachments
  • schedule 2 - phase 1 environmental site assessment (ESA)
  • schedule 3 - drilling waste documentation
  • schedule 4 - phase 2 environmental site assessment (ESA)
  • schedule 5 - detailed site assessment

Once we complete your reclamation certificate application we will submit it to the government on your behalf. For more information, give us a call at 1-866-873-3846.