October 12, 2018

Jeff Renton

By: Admin

Jeff Renton is an RPF and the Manager of Business Development at Tree Time Services. Jeff has an M.Sc. in Biological Sciences from the University of Manitoba, focused on multi-resource management. He joined Tree Time Services in 2017 as a project manager. Most of his work is with our municipal, non-government, and mining clients from initial planning to planting, and monitoring. In his current role he is responsible for managing company wide business development initiatives and division specific projects.

Jeff has several years of environmental/forestry surveying and restoration experience from consulting companies and NGO’s. He specialized in public extension in forested and agricultural land management primarily in private lands through managing two non-profits. He has been an active member of the Canadian Institute of Forestry for over a decade, and on planning and forestry based professional development events regionally and nationally.

Because of his public education work, dedication to enhancing the forestry profession, and career history, Jeff was awarded the Prince of Wales Award for Sustainable Forestry in 2014 and James M Kitz Award in 2020.

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