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Tree Time Services Inc. was founded in 2002 as a forest services company. The founders—Larry Lafleur, Brad Lafleur, and Scott Formaniuk—wanted to share their extensive knowledge of silviculture and forest management practices to help Alberta's forest companies improve their businesses.

Tree Time Services immediately partnered with Coast To Coast Reforestation Inc. Coast To Coast Reforestation is the largest supplier of reforestation seedlings in Alberta and the second largest in Canada. Tree Time Services provides all the marketing and logistical coordination services for Coast To Coast Reforestation.

Tree Time Services quickly became a very successful consulting company providing advice, assessments, surveying services, reclamation services among other things to forest and oilfield companies across the province. Tree Time Services has worked with all of Alberta's major forest companies and many of Alberta's oil exploration companies.

In 2004 Tree Time Services saw a need for reasonably priced trees and shrubs in the retail sector. In 2005 Tree Time Services launched their retail tree and shrub website TreeTime.ca to fill that need.

In 2010 Tree Time Services spotted another market that wasn't well served. While many companies were providing archaeological services to Alberta's Forest Companies, many of those firms didn't understand forestry and didn't specialize in boreal forest archaeology. To remedy this situation, Tree Time Services hired Kurtis Blaikie-Birkigt, an experienced archaeologist who specializes in boreal forest archaeology.

Changes in the Alberta government's reclamation standards for forested lands which went into effect in 2010 provided another opportunity for Tree Time Services. These new standards compel oil and gas companies to return decommissioned well sites and other facilities to a forested state if they were originally forested. While many companies are very skilled reclaiming well sites to grass, few have the skills to reclaim a well site to a forest successfully. So once again Tree Time Services was there to fill the void. By combining its knowledge of silviculture, its close partnership with Coast To Coast Reforestation, and its contacts in the oil and gas industry Tree Time Services is in an unique position to help Alberta's oil and gas companies reclaim their well sites more quickly and successfully than the competition. Tree Time Services can help oil and gas companies with every aspect of the reclamation process.



Tree Time Services is very proud of its work and reputation. If you have a question or a project you think Tree Time Services can help with please contact us.