Our work is primarily with seed, seedlings, planting, and related environmental services (like Archaeology). We have diverse operations and projects spanning multiple industries and professions.

It takes passion and expertise to do what we do. That combination with our training and development investments produces climate leaders.

  • Over 1 billion trees grown and planted
  • Partnerships with governments and municipalities on naturalization, bankside stabilization, flood mitigation, fire breaks and fire smart tree planting.
  • Large infrastructure and habitat restoration projects: LRT, pipelines, utility corridors, right of ways, highways, stormwater drainage ponds, seismic line restoration, caribou habitat restoration, more

We have mutually beneficial and long term relationships with indigenous communities.

  • We have 5 formal partnerships and Joint Ventures (JVs), and many more working relationships
  • Our staff and leaders have been invited to attend community events like powwows, sweats, and other ceremonies to learn more about about the culture and ways of our indigenous partners
  • Tree, shrub, fruit and berry donations to communities are already over 50,000 total trees and climbing each year

We offer:

  • Remote and flexible work opportunities
  • Project variety in a highly seasonal industry with different work each week
  • A diverse and inclusive company that invests in learning and growth
  • Our reputation is strong in multiple areas; we have maintained a 4.6 star google rating for years
  • Over half of current managers started in entry level or seasonal roles
  • A high Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) of 72 in May 2023, 75 in May 2022
  • Company perk of free trees, shrubs, fruits and berries to staff each year

Yes. It’s a great place to work. Don’t take our word for it though. Check out our team bios, elsewhere on our website or talk to our staff directly to discover it for yourself.

Join our team of climate leaders. We are a smaller company, yet we still have a large impact. Let’s create a better future, together.

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