Willow and Poplar stakes have always been a significant part of our business.

live willow and poplar stakes

When it comes to live willow and poplar stakes, Tree Time should be your first call

Sourcing, harvesting, processing, storing, imbibing, and delivering live stakes when you need them is challenging and involves more skill and resources than one would expect.

Have you been frustrated with suppliers that left your project at risk?

If your stakes were poorly sourced, improperly harvested, processed without skill, and incorrectly stored then the viability of your live stakes will quickly be called into question. Your project might not be successful and your investment could have little to no return. Nobody wants that. Start things off right… talk to the live stake experts at Tree Time first.

We hear about project surprises all the time. It doesn’t need to be this way.

Your stakes were poorly sourced

Turn to the experts:

  • We’ve been working in the wild of Alberta for over 20 years and have GIS mapped vegetative inventories.
  • Sustainably harvesting live stakes is of paramount importance to us to ensure future supply.
  • Half of our field staff supervisors have a decade of experience tree planting, collecting seed, and other vegetative materials while being overseen by subject matter experts.
  • We grow over 60 million seedlings a year and have grown over 400 different native species.
  • Our full nursery integrations mean we can further support the stakes should planting timelines change.
  • Having integrated cold storage facilities means you get to choose when you take your live stakes without having to adapt to uncertain timelines.

We have supplied live staking material for bioengineering with poles, fascines, brush mattresses, pole drains, cribwalls, gabions, and much more.

Commonly collected species:

Combine these live stake species with our other native plant plugs for best results.
*Cornus sericea / Red Osier Dogwood is popular in wetter areas but performs poorly on the dry prairie. We recommend using higher performing species.

Scientific Name

  • Salix exigua
  • Salix petiolaris
  • Salix maccalliana
  • Salix bebbiana
  • Salix discolor
  • Salix lutea
  • Salix planifolia
  • Salix lucida
  • Cornus sericea*
  • Populus balsamifera

Common Name

  • Sandbar Willow (Coyote Willow)
  • Basket Willow
  • Velvet Fruited Willow
  • Bebb’s Willow
  • Diamond Willow
  • Yellow Willow
  • Diamond Leaf Willow
  • Shining Willow
  • Red Osier Dogwood*
  • Balsam Poplar

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