Tree Time’s team of reclamation specialists provide support for all stages of reclamation projects. Our teams operate across a variety of sites, including active and abandoned right-of-way’s, wellsites, gravel pits, and other decommissioned oil and gas facilities. To help our clients meet reforestation and reclamation certification goals, we provide the following services:

Reforestation Experts

At Tree Time, we recognize the technical and logistical challenges with tree planting. For this reason, our full-time staff have extensive forestry backgrounds strongly focused on site reforestation and revegetation. We have a strong understanding of how site and schedule limitations can affect seedling survival, and are readily able to communicate this to our clients to ensure project success.

Strong Safety Culture

Our work culture prioritizes safety, professionalism and high-quality planting. We pay all our tree planters an hourly rate to ensure they focus on high quality planting while maintaining a safe work environment.

Tree Time is a proud member of ISNetWorld, ComplyWorks, COR, and Avetta. We have the safety certifications, insurance, and equipment required to work in the oilfield.

Avetta ISNetworld ComplyWorks Certificate of Recognition

If you are interested in a worry-free land reclamation experience, consider working with Tree Time Services. Give us a call at (780) 472-8878 or email us at

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