Our archaeology team will help identify historic resource concerns early in planning your operations and find cost effective solutions for dealing with development conflicts.

What We Do?

With the purpose of helping clients minimize the impact of their planned development on our cultural heritage, we provide historic resource management services to western Canada. This involves archaeological surveys, development screening and predictive modelling using reliable scientific methodology and a combination of technical, managerial, material and logistical support.

Our services include:

  • Historical resource impact assessments (HRIA)
  • Historical resource impact mitigations (HRIM)
  • Historical research (including traditional land use)
  • Palaeontological impact assessments
  • Archaeological surveys
  • Development screening
  • Community engagement (e.g. information sessions and written materials)
  • Knowledge translation

Our experienced staff includes seven full-time archaeological permit holders with permit status in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. Though we have operated extensively in the boreal forest, our staff have considerable experience working across a wide range of conditions and environments throughout Canada.

Our clients include Forestry Companies, Oil and Gas Companies, Aggregate Companies, Urban and Rural Municipalities, Education and Recreation based Non-Profit Organizations, and Utility Companies.

So, if you want industry-leading archaeology services, consider working with Tree Time Services. Give us a call at (780) 472-8878 or email us at [email protected].

Tree Time Services