Tree Time Services Inc. was founded in 2002 as a forest services company. The founders—Larry Lafleur, Brad Lafleur, and Scott Formaniuk—wanted to share their extensive knowledge of silviculture and forest management practices to help Alberta’s forest companies improve their businesses. Upon establishment, Tree Time Services partnered with Coast to Coast Reforestation Inc., the largest supplier of reforestation seedlings in Alberta and the second largest in Canada. In this partnership, Tree Time Services provides the marketing and logistical coordination services for Coast to Coast Reforestation nurseries.

In addition to reforestation seedlings, Tree Time Services consults providing silvicultural technical support, pre and post planting assessments, forest survey services, and land reclamation services for forestry and oilfield companies across the Alberta. Tree Time Services has worked with all of Alberta’s major forest companies and many of Alberta’s oil and gas companies.

In 2005, Tree Time Services launched, an online retail store providing a wide variety of shrub and tree seedlings to landowners, agricultural producers, tree farms, and municipalities. These seedlings were supplied to Tree Time Services from Coast to Coast Reforestation nurseries.

In 2010, Tree Time Services began providing archaeological services to Alberta’s forest companies. Our staff were able to differentiate themselves amongst other providers through a high degree of boreal forest experience and strong ability to operate in this area. This division currently provides archaeology services to most of the forest industry in Alberta.

That same year, reclamation standards for forested lands in Alberta changed significantly, requiring considerably more technical knowledge of silviculture and forest ecology to meet government standards. To support this new demand, Tree Time Services combined our considerable silvicultural expertise, capacity for supplying tree seedlings, partnership with Coast to Coast Reforestation, and contacts in the oil and gas industry. Our reclamation division further supports this work through provision of tree planting services for reclaimed wellsites, pipelines, and other oil and gas infrastructure each spring and summer.

Tree Time Services