Tree Time Services is a consulting company dedicated to improving North American forests through Reclamation, Silviculture and Archaeology services. We are professional foresters, planters, biologists and archeologists passionate about helping our industry, government, and community clients revegetate disturbed areas, and be stewards of Alberta’s natural heritage.

We have undertaken all-sizes of projects with Forestry, Oil & Gas, Coal and Aggregate mines, Urban and Rural Municipalities, Education & Recreation organizations, non-profit and utility companies. Those clients rely on us for technical support and to provide, not only a certified team of trained specialists, but partners who are passionate about their work, and what they leave behind.

Our clients count on us to provide a comprehensive reforestation roadmap. Since 2002, we have navigated complex reclamation projects, sharing our in-depth understanding of forest ecology and tree seedling physiology, as well as regulated seed sources. We are advisors, recognizing site limitations and environmental factors that might stand in our way, and follow up with solutions that fit budget and project goals.

At Tree Time, we recognize the technical and logistical challenges of tree planting and vegetation management. For this reason, our full-time staff have extensive forestry backgrounds strongly focused on site reforestation/revegetation. They have a strong understanding of how site and schedule limitations can affect seedling survival and are readily able to communicate this to our clients to ensure project success. We pay all our tree planters an hourly rate to ensure that they can use their skill-sets to focus on good quality tree planting without having a piece-rate compromising their pay.

We provide the seed and procure the seedlings your project needs. Our extensive tree seed bank covers several different tree and shrub species across a number of seed zones. Tree Time can provide seed collection and processing services for specific tree, shrub, and forb species and seed zones. Our clients count on us for quality seedling procurement, storage and distribution from the nursery, as well as revegetation timelines and management.

We are also committed to staying up-to-date with government legislation and regulation to be able to reach reforestation and land reclamation certification goals, minimize impact of planned developments and achieve project success.

Our staff are committed to our industries, we do this through being participating members of Canadian Land Reclamation Association, Environmental Services Association of Alberta, Alberta Association of Forest Management Professionals, Western Forestry Contractors Association, Canadian Institute of Forestry, Forest Nursery Association of British Columbia, and the Archaeological Society of Alberta.

Tree Time is a company of professionals dedicated to the well being of our staff. That is why we align ourselves with companies who put safety first. Staying current with industry standards and safety certifications is a priority. We exist because we are passionate about forestry and archaeology personally and professionally, and we have every reason to send our team members home safe at the end of every day, just like you.

Tree Time Services