Corey Cookson

Corey Cookson is a Permit Archaeologist with Tree Time Services. Under the direction of the Senior Project Archaeologist, he supervises archaeological survey crews for forestry projects throughout northern Alberta.

Corey has a strong background in geographic information systems (GIS) analysis. He received his BA in Anthropology from Grant MacEwan University in 2009. His Master's, which he received from the University of Alberta in 2013, focused on a GIS-based analysis of pre-contact site selection processes with attention to environment, defensibility, and other social factors.

He gained experience as a research and field assistant at a number of field schools and archaeological projects throughout the world, including Belize and Italy, and supervised a field school in B.C. These experiences have strengthened Corey's skills in manipulating data, mapping, surveying, cataloguing, and crew supervision. Corey joined Tree Time Services in April 2013.

Corey spends his spare time playing hockey, exploring the outdoors, and taking his Eskipoo to the dog park.