Drew Patterson

Drew Patterson is the General Manager of TreeTime.ca. He is responsible for growing the company while managing its day-to-day operations.

Drew has been fascinated by science since he was quite young, but also appreciated the social side of life. He was an active social and political organizer throughout his post secondary education and graduated from Thompson Rivers University with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sociology in 2001.

He has held management positions in sales, marketing, and business development, one of which gave him the opportunity to complete his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) through Charles Sturt University in 2005.

Drew joined the Tree Time Services team in September 2013. He brings a holistic approach to business operations and sales with the belief that strategic growth should be customer, process, and quality driven. His goal is to continue building on the value provided to customers through TreeTime.ca.

Drew comes by his love of business and botany honestly; his father owned a market garden greenhouse operation, as well as a computer store and consultancy. Growing up immersed in a family business, Drew brings not only business savvy to this position but also experience from the customer side as an avid gardener.

In his leisure time, Drew can be found fly fishing, trading heirloom seeds, spending time with his five-year-old-daughter, and engaging in "mad scientist projects" like making homemade sauerkraut, brewing apple cider juiced by an old washing machine, or growing red wiggler worms for vermicomposting.