Madeline Holder

Madeline Holder is a Permit Archaeologist at Tree Time Services. She supervises small crews in the field, assists with artifact processing, and completes site reporting and data entry.

Madeline specializes in Cultural Resource Management (CRM)-based archaeology. She has experience in prairie, forestry, and oil and gas archaeology, gained through attending field schools in Manitoba. She also attended a one-month field school in Lamta, Tunisia, studying and excavating ancient Roman ruins.

Her interest in archaeology began at a young age; Madeline says she's always been fascinated by the mystery of past peoples and enjoys putting the puzzle pieces of their cultures together.

Madeline received her BA Advanced in Anthropology from the University of Manitoba in 2007, and she completed her MA in Anthropology at Trent University in early 2013. Her thesis focused on animal conceptualization in Punic, Neo-Punic, and Roman North Africa.

She worked as a CRM Archaeologist between her BA and MA degrees, and she has also spent time as an Archaeological Illustrator. Madeline joined Tree Time Services in September 2013.

When she's not working, Madeline's interests include embroidery, reading, camping and travelling with her fiancé, and playing with her two cats.