Mike Ardiel

Mike Ardiel
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Mike Ardiel joined our company in the spring of 2011 as the Reclamation Coordinator.

Mike is eminently qualified as a silviculture forester and reclamation specialist having been responsible for overseeing the reforestation of over 20 million seedlings during his time in the field.

After graduating with honors from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) Forest Technology program in 2004, Mike accepted the position of Forest Technologist with Millar Western in Boyle, Alberta.

Between 2004 and 2006 Mike learned silviculture forestry from the ground up. He also received his professional designation as a Registered Professional Forest Technologist (RPFT) during this time.

In 2006 Mike became the Silviculture Coordinator for Millar Western Boyle, which made him directly responsible for all aspects of silviculture and reforestation for the company. In this role, Mike was responsible for site evaluations, prescriptions, site preparation, road construction, sourcing reforestation trees, planting, vegetation management, tearing out roads, surveys, and other followup of over two million seedlings annually. Mike had the rare advantage of being able to see the results of his work year after year and applying that real-world, Alberta experience to all future projects.

In 2011, Tree Time Services was able to hire Mike away from Millar Western. Because of the new regulations for the reclamation of forested land, Mike’s education and vast experience with reforestation make him the ideal person to head Tree Time Services’ reclamation program. Mike has ’played with a lot of dirt’ as he likes to say and that experience is invaluable when you want to get your reclamation certificate as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Mike has always loved the outdoors. Growing up in Whitehorse, Mike took full advantage of the beauty of the Yukon. Later in life his love of the outdoors grew into a love of travel. Mike has explored the United States, southeast Asia, central America, much of Europe, and Nepal, among other places. If you really get out there you might have run into Mike at the base camp of Mount Everest or on his recent trip to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.