Teresa Wagner

Teresa Wagner is a Project Archaeologist at Tree Time Services Inc. She is responsible for the management of historic resource impact assessments, including project administration, fieldwork, analysis, and reporting.

Teresa specializes in cultural heritage management and policy, bringing seven years' experience from academic, private, and public sectors to our team. She has a keen interest in promoting cultural heritage to the public, and a wealth of knowledge from former positions within the heritage departments of the Ontario government. Teresa is a permit archaeologist in Alberta and holds a professional licence in Ontario, where she operated her own consulting archaeology company before moving to Alberta in 2013.

Teresa earned her Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees from Trent University, graduating in 2009, and is a Research Associate of the Trent University Archaeological Research Centre. She joined Tree Time Services Inc. in May 2013 and has since applied her experience in historic resource impact assessments as part of the environmental and land use planning process.

In her spare time, Teresa enjoys visiting Alberta's historical sites, volunteering at a local hospital, presenting her archaeological work to local communities, and camping with her fiancé and their dog.