Vincent Jankunis

Vincent Jankunis is an Archaeologist with Tree Time Services. He assists Senior Archaeologists in the surveying, assessment, and reporting of historic resources for proposed developments.

Vincent received his BA in Anthropology from the University of Alberta in 2010, focusing on socio-cultural anthropology, archaeological methods, and Alberta prehistory. Before joining Tree Time Services, he worked as a Junior Archaeologist in remote areas of B.C., where he gained extensive field experience in both summer and winter conditions.

Vincent joined Tree Time Services in 2011 and brings a broad knowledge of all stages of archeological investigation to the Tree Time team, including excavation, cataloguing, analysis, and reporting. He is keen to share this passion with others, and says he is willing to go the extra mile to preserve anything pertaining to history. Always interested in broadening his skill base, Vincent recently attended the Sanisera Underwater Field School, Ecomuseum Cavalleria, in Spain.

When he's not in the field, Vincent enjoys fishing, canoeing, sailing and scuba diving. He is also an avid hiker.