Many municipalities have large, underused greenspaces that are seeded with non-native grasses that require frequent mowing. These spaces have little social or environmental value while having an annual maintenance cost. These areas are prime candidates for growing an urban forest.

Municipal afforestation is a multi-disciplinary approach that requires a firm understating of the local environment, social, and governance factors of a particular municipality. Managing green spaces with the right balance that satisfies a municipality’s needs can be a significant challenge. Tree Time Services can guide municipality’s afforestation projects to achieve some of their goals regarding climate change, urban forestry, sustainability, and others.

Choose Us?

  • We have the expertise needed for the effective implementation of afforestation and restoration plans.
  • We plant millions of trees a year in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.
  • Our network of greenhouses produces more than 200 plant species and 55 million seedlings each year.

do it right

Tree Time Services will take your municipality’s plans and goals and make them a reality through our Municipal Afforestation Program. Tree Time Services will assist your municipality in achieving a more sustainable community.

Our Services

  • Development & Implementation of Operational Plans
  • Communication & Consultation Support
  • Revegetation Planning
  • Seed Collection
  • Seedling Production
  • Site Preparation Monitoring
  • Tree Planting
  • Site Maintenance & Monitoring

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