Tree Planting Services

Our clients count on us to provide a comprehensive reforestation roadmap. Since 2002, we have navigated complex reclamation projects on wellsites, pipelines, aggregate mines, peat harvesting operations, and related industrial sites. We are advisors, recognizing site limitations and environmental factors that might stand in our way, and follow up with solutions that fit budget and project goals.

At Tree Time, we recognize the technical and logistical challenges of tree planting and vegetation management. For this reason, our full-time staff have extensive forestry backgrounds strongly focused on site reforestation/revegetation. They have a strong understanding of how site and schedule limitations can affect seedling survival and are readily able to communicate this to our clients to ensure project success.

Our tree planters are well trained, possess commonly required safety certifications, can navigate independently across the Province, and are paid hourly to ensure that both production quotas are being met while not compromising planting quality.

We strive to support our clients achieve reclamation certification of disturbed sites in forested areas. To accomplish this, our services include:

Through the high level of integration of our services, we can customize the project timing and delivery to meet the needs of our clients or provide any of these services to fit within an existing operation.

By using our own staff, we can ensure your trees are planted to insure the highest chance of success. We achieve this by:

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Tree Time Services