May 3, 2018

Mike Ardiel

By: Admin

Mike Ardiel is the Vice President Sales. He holds a diploma in Forest Technology from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). In 2011, Mike joined Tree Time Services, where he worked mainly with oil and gas clients, assisting them in revegetating reclaimed land. Initially, he provided recommendations on planting prescriptions, site preparation, vegetation management and tree planting logistics. Now as a Manager, Mike focuses on project management and company processes within the company to better support the Tree Time Services’ team and clients.

Prior to joining Tree Time Services, Mike gained valuable experience with Millar Western Forest Products in Boyle, Alberta as their silviculture coordinator. In this role, he was responsible for site evaluations, prescriptions, site preparation, road construction, sourcing reforestation trees, planting, vegetation management, tearing out roads, surveys, and other follow-up of over two million seedlings annually.

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