Areva Resources Canada Uranium Mine Reclamation

One year post-reclamation

Three years post-reclamation

The Task

Reforest 300 hectares at a decommissioned uranium mine in northern Saskatchewan for Areva Resources Canada Inc.

Special Considerations

The most challenging aspect of this project was the harshness of the land. It was a gravel pit and we were concerned about the ability of the trees we planted to survive in such harsh conditions.

Our Solution

After a careful assessment of the land and local climatic conditions we selected a mix of five species of trees and shrubs that we thought had the best chance of re-establishing a forest in the mine. We partnered with local First Nations to plant 600,000 – 700,000 trees and shrubs on the site. The entire project took four summers.


Despite the harshness of the land, the site is doing phenomenally well. The site photos speak for themselves.

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