Encana Wellsite Reclamation 2011

Site overview

Planting pine in the site

Pine tree planted among the debris

The Task

Tree Time Services was hired to assist in the reclamation of 3.5 hectares of land that was formerly an Encana well site and access road near Lodgepole, Alberta. We were asked to grow, deliver and plant the trees on a previously prepared site.

Special Considerations

This was a pretty straightforward site to re-vegetate and our focus was on working efficiently and safely.

Our Solution

In consultation with the client, we selected a mix of white pine and lodgepole pine for the site to be planted at 2,000 stems per hectare.

We sourced seed from the appropriate seed zone and grew the approximately 7,000 seedlings required to reclaim the site at Smoky Lake Forest Nursery.

In the middle of July, we delivered the trees to the site and one of our two man crews planted the whole site in two days.

Tree Time Services